The Turku Comics Center is a cultural operator under the Turku Comics Society that provides courses and other activities. Here, you can find different courses and workshops the Center hosts. All the courses can also be executed as workshops lasting a couple of hours.

Prices: teacher €100/h, assisting teachers €60/h. The price includes teaching, materials, and the traveling costs in Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto, and Rusko areas. If a course for children or youth has over 8 participants or an adult course has over 14 participants, an assistant teacher for the course is mandatory.

The teachers and materials are insured by the Turku Comics Society. The client will be liable for the possible insurances of the space and participants. The Turku Comics Centers courses are run by comics, media, and/or culture professionals or teachers versed in comics. If you have any questions, you can contact us at turunsarjakuvakerho(a) Here are some examples of possible courses and workshops.

Primary school aged children


Sarjispöräys is an open hang-out space with drawing and comics activities. It is usually implemented for children, and is a low threshold way of introducing children to comics as a hobby.

Junior High School and High School aged children and youth

Manga and Japanese aesthetics

This course introduces participants to the expression and visual narration of manga comics with theory, examples, and exercises. The participants will also learn how manga is based on traditional Japanese aesthetics and art.

Western comics expression

This course introduces participants to the traditions and aesthetics of North American and European comics with theory, example, and exercises.

Storytelling Course

In this course, participants will learn to use comics to script short and long projects, character creating, and world building.

Comics character workshop

This course focuses on creating your own characters, with exercises on character design and creating stories based on those characters.

All ages

Introducing comics for youth and adults

A lecturer will introduce a wide array of domestic and foreign comics with different themes. The content can be customized together with the client. It is also possible to have discussion, for example, about the contents of the comics, the status, or preconceptions of comics.

Themed courses

The requested theme will be addressed by the means of comics. Themes include, for example, climate change, nature conservation, story parody, horror… You name it!